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Welcome to Stupid People Of America

Please don't take anything here serious, we all need a good laugh and that's what we're aiming to be. A place, where you can come and have a good laugh. Chances are you've probably done something stupid (I hope it's not just me) so please don't feel too bad if we've singled you out!

We're just getting started and could REALLY use your help. This site is built using the same software as WikiPedia. If you're not familiar with how this works or what we mean by this it means a few things:

-You don't need to be a user to post -Anyone can create a page!

To create a new article or page just enter a page name up in the search box. If there is an article found with a similar name, your stupid person might already be here, if not it'll show you red text and ask you if you wish to create the page: click the red text, type it out and submit! Done

We'll be putting together a more detailed guide on how to use this site soon, file uploads are also possible, again just like wikipedia.

We only ask that you keep it organized and do a good search for your article before adding a new page, just to keep things organized. Categories will be coming soon as well. Until then, happy laughing.

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